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Turkey Hunts
Missouri is blessed with the largest population of wild turkey in the nation. Our Conservation Department, working hand in hand with private landowners have allowed the wild turkey to once again be present in large numbers in all counties. The rural outstate area, such as the area we are located in is saturated with turkey due to our diversity of forest, rolling hills, river bottoms and row crops. Many mornings it is difficult to count the numerous birds heard from the front porch!!
Turkey's on Tailgate     No one can guarantee a kill when it comes to turkey hunting!! We have averaged an 80% success ratio the last three years. We start monitoring and watching birds in early March in order to determine the best areas to hunt for our hunters. We have lived and hunted turkeys in most of our areas for over 20 years, giving us an advantage.

We own four locations that have produced large populations of birds in past years due to our land management.
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