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Pheasant Hunts
Why go to England, when you can experience a driven pheasant hunt here about $12,000.00 dollars cheaper!!!

Nothing is more exciting than experiencing the sight and sound of a cock pheasant in flight. Add to i the joy and pleasure of being in the outdoors and seeing good dog work!!! Most of us dream about long and expensive trips to the Northern states, but time and cost has resulted in merely watching shows on the outdoor channels. NOW, you can experience the pheasant hunting at String Creek in whatever manner you choose. We offer three types of pheasant hunts, duplicating hunting South Dakota, Iowa, or the English driven hunts, all at a fraction of the cost.
    Our goal is to provide you the most realistic and challenging hunt possible, yet successful and satisfying!! Our birds are tough and extremely flight conditioned. Our farms are some of the finest game cover, consisting of native grasses, corn, milo, and other pheasant friendly crops. We stock birds early in the year to ensure a good population and replenished periodically as well as supplemented by birds that escape from "put and take" hunts.

We can tailor your hunt to suit your needs and experience level!!
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