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Gun dog Training
We have all heard the old saying that you only have one or two good gun dogs in a lifetime. Probably if true, because most hunters own five to ten dogs in that period and it takes the first eight or so for us to learn how to handle a dog!
First exposure to becoming a champion! Wing on a string!     I have been pushing bird dogs for over 40 years and trust me, I have made every mistake that a man can make. Fortunately, I have learned what works and generally what does not. First of all, we don't train bird dogs to point birds, that is GENETICS. I can't train a poodle to point a pheasant but I can put your dog in an environment that will allow his genetics and breeding to manifest and develop.

There are two main hurdles to overcome with your dog...Introduction to birds and introduction to gunfire. If you can overcome these two steps, everything else will come naturally! If not, you will spend your dog's lifetime fixing these problems.

Before we could run, we had to walk, and before that, we had to crawl. Gun dogs are the same. Very few dogs can come straight to the field and do everything right. Dogs are generally born with the desire to do right; they just don't know what that is. We as owners and handlers are much the same. We kind of know what we want, but just are not sure how to get there!

We run two types of gun dog programs.  The first and the preferred is our "Train the Trainer" where we work with you and your dog on a schedule and teach you how to handle your dog.  This allows you and your dog to bond and grow together with a little guidance.  Most sessions are less than an hour long, but intensive and kept in a controlled environment.  Much like the Marine Corps, it is quality, not quantity that matters. 
Our second program is actually taking your dog and working it on site.  We like to not keep any dog for longer than two weeks at a time in order to prevent "Master Confusion."

A true bird hunter does not hunt to kill birds, but to be in the field with his dog.  Nothing is more pleasurable than owning and hunting a good dog...conversely; nothing is more frustrating than hunting a bad dog.  Start them right, and they will only get better.  Start them wrong, and you will be fighting the problems the rest of your dog's life.
Training Sessions $35.00 each
Weekly Rates $125.00
*Cost of birds used are extra

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