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Deer Hunts
Rolling hills, creek bottoms, crop fields, and heavy oak woods make up the hunting area at our farms, providing all types of deer hunting.

30 years ago if you killed a deer, you could just about figure on getting your picture in the paper!! We just didn't have any deer back in those days. Today, we have so many deer that we have multiple seasons and you can basically shop for your selection!!

This is the result of the efforts of our Conservation Department and terrain that favors deer. The White Tail population has exploded the last few years and due to the 4 point minimum regulations, many more large bucks are being seen and harvested.
    Our deer stands are two man, railed, platforms, which allow the hunter adequate room to hunt as well as be comfortable.

We don't profess to be great deer hunters, just great at managing land for wildlife.  The deer population is native, not released or stocked.  The deer are somewhat familiar with our numerous hunters and tolerate with humans.  This is a benefit to those of us who are less than great deer hunters or who have little experience with hunting White Tails! 
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